Today's Wordle Answer #614 - February 23, 2023 Solution And Hints

By definition, today's Wordle answer is unsure or confused. Those might be accurate words for describing you as well if you're struggling to crack the code. To make the answer clearer to you, we'll dish out a few clues and also disclose the full solution word. If you like the mental engagement of the game, stick around for the hints. We keep them as subtle as possible — there'll be enough info to shed light on the solution word, but not so much that the puzzle loses its challenge. And if you prefer to cut to the chase, you can skip to the second section for the reveal.

The word of the day has three vowels, A, U, and E as its second, fourth, and fifth letters respectively. It almost rhymes with "Craig" and it's an adjective that qualifies something as indefinite or ambiguous. If someone told you they were heading out somewhere but didn't name their destination, you might describe their destination and manner with this puzzle's solution word.

The answer is vague

Literally. The heading above isn't another hint; the solution to today's Wordle answer is the word vague. Per Etymonline, the word has French origins, from a root word of the same spelling meaning vacant, wild, or wandering. It also traces back to the Latin "vagus" of the same meaning, with possible relation with Proto-Indo-European "huog-o" and Old Norse "vakka," which means to stray or hover, or Old High German's "wankon," meaning to stagger.

We solved the puzzle in three guesses, which is two less than WordleBot reported as the day's average and one less than the Bot itself. We went with "slave" as a starting word, and it eliminated every possible answer but one, which officially makes it the luckiest start we've ever had in any Wordle puzzle. Unfortunately, we guessed "value" instead of "vague," but we got it right on the third try. Hopefully you do better than we did, and if you'd like more puzzle action, check out these other Wordle-like games.