12 new games for Windows Store announced at 2013 Game Developer Conference

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 29, 2013
12 new games for Windows Store announced at 2013 Game Developer Conference

The 2013 Game Developer Conference has been underway this week, and during it a variety of games have been shown off, a dozen of which are heading for the Windows Store. Some of the games are free, and others have a moderate price tag, but regardless, a few are popular titles Windows Phone owners will be happy to see.

The only game announced that has a price tag associated with it so far is BeJeweled from PopCap, which is priced at $4.99, and is the addictive game that many mobile gamers are already familiar with. There are several titles that haven’t had their prices announced yet, so whether they turn out to be free like a few announced is yet to be seen.

Among the free games is the cute Samurai vs. Zombies from Glu, which is pretty self-explanatory. You play as a samurai, recruit warriors and farmers and such, and you battle against zombies. There’s also Emily’s True Love from GameHouse and ShuffleParty from Microsoft Game Studios, which is a 3D shuffleboard bowling game that is said to be a hit.

And finally, currently filed away under “Coming Soon” in terms of pricing information is The Harvest, a sci-fi RPG, as well as Doritos Crash Course: Go!, which, as you might have guessed, will leave you with a strange hankering for cheesy corn chip snacks. Then there’s Endless Skater, a skateboarding game, and Field & Stream’s Fishing game, where you can relax and reel in some virtual fish. Speaking of fishing, there’s also Fishdom 3, which is a virtual fish tank, and last but not least is Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.

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