Today's Wordle Answer #601 - February 10, 2023 Solution And Hints

Wordle puzzles are literally all fun and games until you only have a few guesses left but you still haven't turned your tiles green. If it's that kind of day for you, we have a few pointers that might help you crack the code faster, especially before you run out of attempts. We'll share some hints that should bring the solution word to the top of your mind, but if you're pressed for time you can skip to the second section for the full reveal of the answer.

The word of the day is a versatile adjective. Depending on the context, it can mean being rash or violent, but it can also be used to describe someone as shrewd or intelligent, and that's not all. It also qualifies something as rich or intoxicating, and you can use it to mean giddiness or uncontainable elation — the kind some of us still get when we solve a Wordle puzzle in very few tries. If you're not yet on track to landing that outcome, the next set of hints should put you on the right path.

Our mystery word has two vowels, E and A, as its second and third letters, respectively, and there are no repeated letters. If you remove the last letter of the word, you'd have the term for a chief or leader or the part of your body that houses your brain.

Like one side of a coin

If you're still unsure, the answer you're looking for is "heady." Something's heady if it's exhilarating or intoxicating, but a person is heady if they're stubborn or, in another context, capable of making a good judgment. The word is derived from the root noun "head," which is from Old English "heafod," literally meaning "top of the body" or "upper end of a slope," itself from the Proto-Germanic "haubid" (via Etymonline).

"Heady" is not an unpopular word, but it does pale in usage frequency when compared to the origin word "head." Apart from its common use to refer to the chief part of a body, it's also the basis of several popular idioms. For example, you "have a good head on your shoulders" if you're sensible and intelligent, which means that's synonymous with today's Wordle answer. You're "burying your head in the sand" if you refuse to face a fact or reality because it's unpleasant.

There are countless other "head-y" idioms that aren't exactly as common as those. Here's one interesting example you might find a use for: if someone is facing imminent danger or mishap, you could say "Damocles' sword hangs over their head," according to The Free Dictionary. In Greek mythology, Damocles was a courtier who swapped places with the king for a day but had to sit beneath a sword suspended by a single hair; the lesson being that power, although heady, has its own perils.

We hope you find this article early enough to finish your puzzle before you run out of guesses, and here's a guide to help you improve your Wordle gameplay going forward. Now that you've conquered this challenge, you could try your hands at more games like Wordle to keep the fun going.