Today's Wordle Answer #600 - February 9, 2023 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle is the 600th! That's nearly two years of learning new weird words and racing against time to turn tiles green before the day is over. On some days, the wins came easily, and on other days we needed all six attempts to crack the code. Phew! But on all the days, Wordle has remained fun, although it's admittedly a lot less fun when you're running out of guesses and still can't figure out the answer. If today is one of those days for you, we're here to help. We'll share a few clues that should guide you toward the solution quickly, but if you're pressed for time or simply don't want to do the head-scratching, you can skip to the second section for the answer reveal.

The word of the day isn't uncommon — it's a noun that describes a phase or step in a process or development, but it can also be a verb that means to organize an event or plan for something to occur. It also describes a raised platform or the part of a theater on which a performance is held. You might accompany the word with "center" to refer to something that's the center of attention or the primary focus. There are two vowels in the winning word, A and E, and they appear as the third and fifth letters. There are no repeated letters, and if you removed its second letter, you'd have the name for a shade of green or a really wise person.

The answer is microscopic

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#600 — February 9, 2023) is stage. Apart from being a description of a dais or podium, the word also describes a scaffolding for workmen or the part of a microscope on which objects are placed to be examined (via Merriam-Webster). "Stage" is from Old French "estage," which translated as a dwelling place, performance stage, phase, or rest in a journey. It evolved into what is now Modern French "étage," meaning "story of a house, stage, floor, loft" (via Etymonline). The word also has roots in the Latin "statum," which is the past participle of "stare," meaning "to stand."

A number of well-known idioms have their roots in the use of the word "stage" in a theatrical or performance context. For example, to say something in a stage whisper is to say it super quietly as performers or prompters might do on stage. Setting the stage for something means making it possible for that thing to happen; and if something takes center stage, that means it is very important, the same way a main character or performer is positioned in the center of an actual stage.

We went with "crane" as an opening guess today, and since it contains two letters in the correct positions, it only took two more guesses to crack the code. We hope you finish even faster, and if you'd like to prolong the fun, here are more games like Wordle to keep you busy.