Today's Wordle Answer #590 - January 30, 2023 Solution And Hints

One of the words that experts recommend as a first guess on Wordle is "crane." If that was your choice of starting word in today's puzzle, it would probably only take a few more guesses to figure out the answer. The word of the day is similarly structured — like "crane," it has the vowels A and E as its third and fifth letters. Both words have more letters in common, but we'd rather not give too much away for the sake of players who like to work for their win.

The mystery word is a verb that describes a deep yearning or desire for something. If you replaced its first letter with B, you'd have an adjective for courage or fearlessness. You could also replace the fourth letter with Z to make a noun that's another term for a fad or a trend. If you replaced the fourth letter with a T instead, you'd have the name of a slatted wooden case used for packing and transporting goods.

An itch to be scratched

If you're still unsure, today's winning word is "crave." It's from the Old English word "crafian," which means to ask or demand something you're entitled to, itself from the North Germanic "krabojan," of the same meaning. Its current usage to mean "longing for" or "eagerly desiring" is from the 1400s, and is probably based on its intermediate meaning "to ask very earnestly" (via Etymonline).

Of all the other types, most of us are most familiar with food cravings. Healthline says they can be brought on by a variety of factors, such as pregnancy, stress, sleep deprivation, or premenstrual syndrome. Contrary to what many believe, however, food cravings are rarely a result of nutrient deficiencies.

We solved the mystery in two tries today, like yesterday. Our first guess, "great," was actually quite great since it turned one tile green and two yellow. Our next guess was the lucky and correct one. Hopefully you find this article early enough to have a win as quick, and if you're craving more puzzles, here are some other games similar to Wordle.