Today's Wordle Answer #584 - January 24, 2023 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is a word in common usage, and it's what you have to make every one of your guesses do in order to complete the puzzle before you run out of attempts. It doesn't contain any repeated letters, and it rhymes with "trout."

In boxing, the referee would do this when a boxer is knocked down, and that boxer loses the round if they're still down when the referee is done. Kids learn how to do it in pre-K, and cheerleaders and choreographers use it to cue team members to start a routine. In court, it's a legal term for an allegation or charge in an indictment leveled against a defendant.

The mystery word also means for something to be valuable or significant to an end goal. If you add the preposition "on" to the answer, you get a phrase that means to rely or depend on something on someone. In textiles, it's the number of threads per square inch, used to determine the quality of fabric.

If you're still unsure what the bingo word is, here's one final hint that might help. It's a historical title of nobility in some European countries, and the legendary vampire Dracula held this title.

Five, six, seven, eight...

If you've made it to this point but haven't figured out the answer, or you skipped the teasers in the above section because you prefer to cut to the chase, the solution word you seek is "count." The word is from Old French "conter" and Latin "computare," meaning to count or add up (via Etymonline). As you might guess, the latter is also the origin word of "computer", which originally translates as a calculating machine or one who counts. Apart from the descriptions we've provided above, a count could also refer to the score of a match or the act of including or excluding someone or something in a group (via Merriam-Webster).

It took three attempts to arrive at the answer today — our first guess, "great," only turned one tile green, but it narrowed down the possible answer from a whopping 2,315 to a mere 53. Per our guide to choosing the most efficient Wordle-starting words, our guess was more strategic than lucky, since it contains three of the most frequently occurring letters based on expert findings. We made the next guess, flint, based on the information revealed in the first play, and then the third time was the charm. We hope you're improving your gameplay with each Wordle, and more importantly, we hope you're having fun. Here are more games like Wordle to keep you busy till tomorrow's Wordle.