Today's Wordle Answer #534 - December 5, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is unusual, not because of its popularity or letter combination, but because it's a conjugated verb form. The word is a past participle, which isn't very common in Wordle answers. If you're struggling to figure it out, we're here to help. We'll provide hints to nudge you toward the answer on time, and also reveal the full solution word in the second section.

The answer has two vowels, O and E, as its second and fourth letters, respectively. There are no repeated letters, and the word rhymes with oven. If you removed its last letter, you'd be left with a word that's the slang term for a progressive person or one who is conscious of or involved in contemporary societal issues. If you replace the first letter with T, you'd have a noun that describes an item that serves as a visible representation of a sentiment or quality.

The answer is not asleep

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#534 — December 5, 2022) is woken. The word is the past participle of wake, which originated from the Middle English word "wakena," a merger of the two Old English words "wacan" and "wacian," both meaning to become or remain awake, to arise, or to be strong or lively (via Etymonline). 

It wasn't a very lucky day for us today — it took five tries to solve the puzzle. Our starting word, ounce, cut down the possible answers from 169 to 11. The next two guesses, aeons and brink, narrowed it down further to just three, and thankfully we still had three guesses left. On the fourth try, we guessed the word token, which was just one letter off from the correct answer. We hope you solve the puzzle faster than we did, and if you're itching for more fun, here are more games like Wordle to try.