Today's Wordle Answer #530 - December 1, 2022 Solution And Hints

Welcome to December! We're eager to see whether this month's answers would be holiday-themed, and there's only one way to find out. Today's answer isn't, and it has a repeated letter, so it's a real chore — but holidays do tend to have a lot of those. To make things easier for you, here are a few hints that'll nudge you toward the answer in record time. If you don't want to do the head-scratching, you can skip to the second section for the full reveal of the answer.

The word of the day is a verb that means to forcefully throw out someone from a place. But it can also just mean to remove an object from within another one. It's a word that's usually on CD players — if you're familiar with those — on a button which will spit out the CD when you press it. The repeated letter is the only vowel in the word, "E," and it's in the first and third position. If you added a "D" to the beginning of this word, you'd have a new verb which means to make someone depressed or discouraged.

We'll cough up the answer

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#530 – December 1, 2022) is eject. It's from Latin "eiectus," which means "thrown out," and is the past participle of "eicere," meaning to cast out, expel, or drive into exile (via

It took four guesses for us to figure out the answer today. Our opening Wordle guess, "laugh," was laughable in how unlucky it was. WordleBot said there were still 767 possible answers, but we only had five tries left! But here's what makes Wordle an exciting (and mathematical) game — after our second guess, "drive," there were only 60 possible answers left. The third guess, "scoop," narrowed that number down to just one, which we got on the fourth try.

It's even more satisfying that we solved the puzzle one step faster than WordleBot, and we hope you do even better. If you don't want to wait a whole day for another puzzle, here are other games like Wordle to prolong the fun.