Samsung's Latest Galaxy Watch 4 Update Is Bricking Devices

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 owners have run into a weird, but extremely worrisome issue, where the latest software update appears to brick the smartwatch as soon as it powers off. Numerous users have shared on Reddit and Samsung's official community forum that the most recent firmware update, which carries the build number R8xxXXU1GVI3, keeps the smartwatch from powering back on once it turns off.

According to a Reddit thread, the Galaxy Watch 4 — both the standard and the pricier classic model — will neither boot up after powering off, nor will it charge once the screen is blank. Apparently, it doesn't matter if the smartwatch shuts off due to the battery depleting, or if the user turns it off manually.

A few of the affected users say they got a shipping label from Samsung asking them to send the bricked Galaxy Watch 4 for repairs. Another user posted on Reddit that the support channel initially rejected a repair and asked them to trade in with the newer Galaxy Watch 5. However, the service channel allegedly accepted the warranty claim later on and accepted a replacement claim.

Sit on this update

So far, we haven't come across any third-party hacks or solutions to fix the bricked Galaxy Watch 4 units following the problematic software update. However, Samsung has reached out to affected customers, telling them that it has stopped rolling out the problematic. More importantly, the company has promised that it will issue a corrective update "shortly."

In a statement shared with affected customers on the official community forum, Samsung said, "We recommend customers experiencing this issue with their Galaxy Watch 4 series to visit their nearest Samsung service center or call a contact center." However, the company hasn't specified whether it will repair the bricked the smartwatches, and whether if it will offer new replacement units for the same model or its next-gen successor.

So far, I haven't received the corrective update on my own Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, nor have I installed the problematic update either. SlashGear reached out to Samsung for clarification on potential software-side issues and remedial situations, and will accordingly update this article. In the meantime, if you haven't updated your Galaxy Watch 4 series smartwatch yet, maybe wait on it. In case you've already done it, make sure that you don't let the smartwatch power off.