T-Mobile Made A Smart Suitcase And It's Actually Pretty Cool

T-Mobile is certainly not the first name that comes up in our minds when we think of trolleys, suitcases, and travel luggage in general. Which is exactly why we were left bewildered after receiving an interesting little press release from the carrier announcing the launch of its newest product — a carry-on bag. T-Mobile calls its latest product — made in collaboration with luggage expert Samsara — the Un-Carrier On. Besides sporting T-Mobile's instantly recognizable Magenta color, the Un-Carrier On is undoubtedly among the most feature-loaded carry-on bags money can buy if we are to believe T-Mobile's claims.

The stand-out features of the Un-carrier On include the Tag Smart feature that allows users to track their luggage using their smartphones — and an eight-bag packing set. However, what truly sets the product apart from the current crop of carry-on suitcases is its ability to charge any supported gadget wirelessly. T-Mobile claims the Un-Carrier On is currently the only carry-on suitcase on the market that can do this.

If wirelessly charging your gadgets wasn't enough, the Un-Carrier On's flat-top surface is designed to double up as an ideal place to rest users' laptops while taking care of last-minute work-related items. T-Mobile is taking pre-orders for the Un-Carrier On starting today, November 3, 2022, via a dedicated website and expects to begin shipping the product later this month.

Special features of the T-Mobile Un-Carrier On

While we have already discussed the wireless charging capabilities of the T-Mobile Un-Carrier On, the bag also features a removable USB-C battery pack that can help users charge gadgets the old-fashioned way. For those wondering, the wireless charging pad is located conveniently underneath the telescopic handle. Given that the Un-Carrier On uses Samsara's Tag Smart technology, you can use Apple Airtags and the iPhone's Find My app to always keep track of the bag regardless of your location. Unfortunately, there is no word if there is an Android-friendly iteration of the feature.

The bag's compact size ensures that it is allowed inside carry-on compartments. However, in case users need to check in the Un-Carrier On, the product is claimed to be durable enough to withstand the travails of modern airline travel. The bag also gets a T-Mobile branded liner on the inside, which, along with the eight-bag poaching set, lets users better organize their luggage.

T-Mobile revealed that it intends to make the Un-carrier On available to consumers just before the busy holiday travel season kicks in. The product will cost users $325+ taxes, and T-Mobile promises free shipping as well. Users wanting to get one of these will need to hurry because T-Mobile only intends to make a handful of these Un-Carrier On's.