Today's Wordle Answer #477 - October 9, 2022 Solution And Hints

This week's Wordle puzzles have been quite... puzzling. Almost all of them were rated above four points on WordleBot's six-point difficulty scale, and that's a little more than mildly challenging. Today's solution is no different; it took most players 4.7 guesses to figure it out, but we want you to do it in fewer tries, so here are some hints and tips to help you do that. Once you've solved the puzzle, you can take another stab at victory in one of the many Wordle-like puzzle games available.

We solved today's puzzle in five tries, which is a little annoying because the solution word is a common one — it's one of the first things you might say when greeting someone casually. The word only has one vowel, "O," as the third letter, and there are no repeating letters. The first letter is "H," the last is "Y," and the word is a contraction (that is, a shortened version of) a longer sentence. Have you figured it out? Well done if you have! If you're still not sure, no worries. Check out the answer in the next section.

The answer rhymes with Audi

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#477 — October 9, 2022) is howdy. The word is a shortened form of "how do you do?" and it is most popularly used in the Southern U.S. as an informal greeting. Although the origin of the saying is not certain, says it has been around since the 16th century and evolved to become a salutation rather than a question around the 18th century. Some parts of the English Upper Class still consider the word howdy to be the only correct form of greeting when meeting someone for the first time, and the correct response is a "howdy" in return. 

Today, we chose the word plain as our first guess, and the word shout as a follow-up, but that combo didn't yield much. Things turned green on the third guess with the word hover, which had two tiles in the correct position. After we guessed the word hooch next, the answer became apparent. WordleBot also solved the puzzle in five tries — it used its favorite and recommended starting word, slate, which was an unlucky start today. We hope you solve the puzzle in much fewer tries.