$100,000 razor shaves only the stinking rich

If I were very rich, there are many things I would be willing to spend $100,000 on. I would totally buy a $100,000 garage to park one cool car in. I would gladly spend $100,000 on an awesome 60's muscle car like a Cuda. I would even spend $100,000 to buy something inevitably boring that my wife might want. I would not spend $100k on a razor though.

For $100,000, I would expect the razor to be some fancy contraption that you put your head into and it lathers you up, shaves you, and sends you on your way with no bumps, burning, or nicks. A $100,000 razor really looks like a cheap razor from Walmart with fancy gold sheen blades. The razor is called the Zafirro and it is limited to only 99 pieces and can be monogrammed with your family crest for free.

I guess the expense comes in the blades, which are made from artificial sapphire that is grown in a lab in the Ukraine. The blades promise to be super sharp and stay that way for a full year. The price includes a resharpen each year as well. The blades are in a medical grade stainless cartridge with 16 neodymium magnets and the handle is made from 99.9% pure iridium to heat resistance. I'll stick with my $10 razor thank you.



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