10 millionth Apple Store customer receives celebration, prizes

Have you ever wondered if stores still keep track of the number of customers that walk through their door? Well it's only natural that they do, it lets them know all kinds of interesting facts like the ratio of people that walk through the door vs the number that actually make a purchase. So what happens when you just happen to be the 10 millionth customer to walk through the doors of an Apple Store? A celebration of course!

Michal Revivo just so happened to be that lucky 10 millionth customer in the Regent Street Apple Store. We're not sure what she went in there for, but she came out holding a new black MacBook, an iPod nano and a One-to-One training membership.

You can bet your sweet ass that I'm going to be walking into my local Apple store as often as I can from now on.

Regent Street Apple Store welcomes 10 millionth visitor [via tuaw]