Samsung 2012 HDTV pricing leaks

Feb 17, 2012
Samsung 2012 HDTV pricing leaks

Samsung didn't hold back with new HDTVs at CES last month, and now pricing details for the bulk of the range - though not the coveted 55-inch OLED set - have emerged. The company is pushing voice and gesture control across a number of its smart TVs, and there are some premium prices to match as HDGuru's sources have illustrated. Figure on paying from $2,699 for the 46-inch 8000 Series with the interactive remote, 0.2-inch thick bezel and 3D support.

That climbs all the way up to $7,299 for the largest 75-incher in the 8000 Series. Alternatively, you can get the 7500 Series from $2,399, the 7100 Series from $2,199, and the 6500 Series from under $1,579. In addition to LCD screens, Samsung has new plasmas for 2012: the top-spec PNE8000 kicks off at $2,249 for the 51-inch model, while the cheapest 51-inch Samsung plasma is the 3D, smart TV enabled PN51E6500 at $1,619.

Some of the sets get Samsung's "interactive remote" which, we're assuming, is the touchpad and microphone-enabled Samsung Smart Touch Control the company revealed earlier this month. That will allow you to navigate through smart TV menus by gesture or voice command.

We'll have to wait a little longer to find out exactly how much Samsung's OLED set will cost - figure on something comfortably in excess of the top-tier LCD and plasma models, however - and bear in mind these figures are the company's "minimum advertised prices" for dealers. You may see some mark-ups in-store, so don't be afraid to haggle.

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