Palm hiring spree highlights push for developers & new form-factors

Dec 29, 2010

Palm has begun a fresh round of hiring, and the webOS maker isn't hanging around when it comes to paving the way for the 4-5 new smartphones and tablet expected to launch in 2011. While various engineer and management positions are open, it's likely Business Development Manager - expected "to successfully recruit and manage partnerships with top strategic developers to deliver compelling solutions and applications for the webOS ecosystem" - that will pave the way for further webOS success, as they boost App Catalog content.

Palm is believed to be working on a tablet codenamed Topaz - a keyboard accessory for which has already leaked - which analysts have predicted will launch in March 2011. The new Enyo app framework is also pulling in fresh engineers, complete with explicit support for multiple form-factors. One role, senior Linux Kernel engineer, would be responsible for developing and maintaining code for "a variety of upcoming products." More Palm/HP jobs here and here.

[via PreCentral]

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