webOS torrent tipped as Palm plan 5-6 devices for 2011

With the mildly-tweaked Palm Pre 2 leaving a less than pleasant taste in our collective mouths, the news that there are 5-6 new devices in the pipeline for 2011 is like a blast of cool, refreshing seltzer to the face.  According to CENS, Palm has inked contracts with Foxconn, who will provide four to five new devices, and Compal, who will provide one further device, in the coming year.  Among the line-up is the Foxconn-made PalmPad webOS tablet.

The identity of each device is unknown at this stage, but all will run webOS.  Barring the PalmPad, the assumption is that they will all be smartphones of some design, with slider and QWERTY candybars – like the current Pre and Pixi models – probably featuring, and hopefully something larger to take on big-screen rivals like the HTC Desire HD.

[via PreCentral]