Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Landing in July November 11th, Gets Bundled with Wii Sports Resort

Oct 7, 2010

At first tipped, and then later confirmed by Nintendo, the Wii Remote Plus has been an accessory that many Wii owners have been waiting patiently for. Or perhaps not so patiently. Either way, the new accessory has been given a launch date, and it's been unveiled that the new controller will also be bundled with an old classic for the Wii. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's any indication as to when the new controller, or even the bundle, will be released internationally, which looks to be a growing trend for Nintendo.

The new Wii Remote Plus will come in five colors: red, blue, pink, black, and white. There will also be a red Nunchuk that gets released at a later date. The new controller will officially hit retail shelves in Japan beginning November 11th, and will retail for 3,800 yen, or about $46. That means the new controller will be the same price as the old controller, so rumors about the Wii Remote Plus phasing out the previous versions are looking to be true.

That point only gets drive home with the announcement that the new controller will also be bundled with Wii Sports Resort. The new game bundle will land in stores on the same date as the Remote Plus, November 11th, and will retail for 5,800 yen, or around $70. So, it looks like the old controller is out, and the new one is officially in. Now we just need a date for the rest of the world.

[via Joystiq]

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