GNB netbook & Kinpo Tablet get Android & low-cost Freescale CPUs

Jun 8, 2009

Sony may be tinkering with Android, but other companies are already slapping it onto hardware and talking about releases.  Last week we heard Acer's plans for a dual-boot Android/XP netbook, together with BenQ's intentions, and saw a couple of OEM netbooks and MIDs; taking things right back to basics (by which we mean cheap) were Kinpo, with their 7-inch Android-based touchscreen tablet, and GNB, with a sturdy little Android netbook.

Video demos of Kinpo Android Tablet and GNB Android Netbook after the cut

The GNB netbook has a 7-inch resistive touchscreen display and runs on Freescale's i.MX31 processor.  An ARM-based CPU, the i.MX31 is never going to blow away a Core 2 Duo but it's enough to run Android reasonably well and cheap enough for a sub-$200 price tag to be talked about.

As for the Kinpo tablet, the company are calling it a thin client but it's basically a touchscreen UMPC with a 7-inch WVGA display and Freescale i.MX51 processor.  More work is needed polishing it before it'll be ready for release - video playback is an obvious issue, as you can see in the video below - but again they're talking about low prices that might make a lot of sense for those wanting a straightforward web-browsing machine.

GNB Android Netbook:

Kinpo 7-inch Android Tablet:

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