Sprint teases new phone on Feb 24: CDMA HTC 7 Pro finally arriving?

Feb 21, 2011

Looks like Sprint hasn't learnt its lesson. The carrier blew expectations out of proportion for the Kyocera Echo, delivering an awkward dual-display Android handset with seriously niche appeal, and it's headed in the same way with a new teaser campaign building up to Thursday, February 24. "What do you think the next new Sprint phone will be?" the carrier asked via its official Twitter account; our money is on the HTC 7 Pro.

The HTC 7 Pro was first promised for CDMA networks all the way back at Windows Phone 7's launch in late 2010, and since then has already arrived - in GSM form - in Europe. We reviewed the smartphone earlier this month, finding it to be one of the most appealing Windows Phones in the current line-up, though whether it's worth a big press event (considering we played with it in October) remains to be seen.

Of course, Sprint could have something else up its sleeve; let us know your prediction in the comments.

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