Sony smartphone display photo leak tips Galaxy Note competitor

Jan 21, 2013
Sony smartphone display photo leak tips Galaxy Note competitor

This week we're seeing no lack of Sony on the mobile front, with a relatively massive component leaking from what its sources say is a plant creating a 6.44-inch phablet for this Summer season. This machine, if proven real, would be a real competitor for not just the Samsung Galaxy Note, but the LG Intuition as well, complete with 1080p or higher resolution, extremely thin bezel coverage around the display, and a teeny-tiny Sony logo up top. Of course when you see a photo like this isn't not exactly drowning in details, but what's obvious is obvious - Sony appears to be getting into the giant smartphone business.

This device would also look to be taking on the 6.1-inch beast known as the Huawei Ascend Mate, a machine we got to see for ourselves at CES 2013. This component photo you're seeing above comes from the form known as Digi-Wo and also makes it appear as though Sony is going the Motorola DROID RAZR M route with a "near-borderless display". With such a device the user is meant to feel like they're holding one massive touchscreen rather than a machine that just so happens to have a display in and on it.

Sony also revealed their new Xperia Tablet Z in the past 24 hours, this device appearing very much to be coming in with many of the same design cues. Have a peek at the rather sharp corners and you'll see what it's all about for Sony's mobile hardware for 2013; no cutting down for this manufacturer! Does it look like they're on-point to you?


Meanwhile we're expecting the Sony mobile team to be bringing the heat to Mobile World Congress with a variety of offerings, even if this rather sharp looking component is not included amongst them. Have a peek in the timeline below to get an idea of what Sony's been showing off in the past few weeks and see if you can get a handle on what'll be appearing in Barcelona. Follow us soon and very soon in our massive MWC 2013 portal!

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