Sony May Offer Reward For Info To Help Catch PSN Hackers, Denies Claims Of Outdated Servers

May 9, 2011

We mentioned earlier today that Sony is still uncertain when their PlayStation Network, Qriocity, and Sony Online Entertainment services can return online, although the plan at the moment is to reboot all the systems by May 31st. Sony's online gaming services were hacked over two weeks ago and the company is still scrambling to revamp security. But, now there are reports that Sony may consider offering a reward for information that can lead to the capture of the hackers responsible for the attack.

Sony has not confirmed the reward offer yet, and the decision will depend on the approval by senior execs in Tokyo, who have yet to sign-off. They are at the moment still mulling over the pros and cons, as well as consulting with law enforcement over several other options. If they do proceed with a reward offer, they will do so by working with law enforcement agencies including the FBI and the corresponding authorities in other countries.

Additionally, Sony denied the recent testimony of data security expert Gene Spafford during a congressional hearing that claimed Sony knew it did not have updated webservers and did not have proper firewalls. Sony responded with the following statement:

"The previous network for Sony Network Entertainment International and Sony Online Entertainment used servers that were patched and updated recently, and had multiple security measures in place, including firewalls."

For a recap of the Sony PSN breach drama, take a look at our Daily Slash.

[via Kotaku]

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