Lenovo Pocket Yoga touchscreen netbook

Mar 16, 2009
Lenovo Pocket Yoga touchscreen netbook

Lenovo have quietly released official images of their mysterious netbook, together with confirming the device's name.  The Lenovo Pocket Yoga has a broad, narrow display like the VAIO P, but unlike the Sony the Pocket Yoga's display is a touchscreen with stylus.

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The central hinge seemingly allows the Pocket Yoga to open up all the way around, until the form-factor is a long, thin pocketbook.  There's also a leather belt, used to keep the Pocket Yoga closed, but that also doubles as a wireless mouse. 

Full specifications are still unknown, but there's definitely a webcam and what looks to be some sort of mouse pointer diamond embedded in the top-right of the keyboard.  Hopefully Lenovo let slip some more details soon, including whether this is a design concept or a netbook headed for production.

Update: Unfortunately the Pocket Yoga is merely a concept, and a two-year-old one at that.  Full details here.

[via Electronista]

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