Lady Gaga 99-Cent Album On Amazon

May 23, 2011

Lady Gaga fans may be some of the first to be roped into Amazon's CloudPlayer service. The online retailer giant has just begun selling the attention-hungry pop diva's latest album, Born This Way, for $0.99. Yes, the entire album of 14 songs plus a booklet all for the price you'd pay for one song from iTunes. What's the motivation behind this?

Amazon has been cut-throat with its prices in the past to compete with iTunes. Late last month, it began listing several chart toppers at only $0.69, compared to iTune's usual price of $1.29 for premium songs. But with this deal, folks who purchase the $0.99 album will also get 20GB of Cloud Drive storage. It seems pretty obvious that Amazon is using the album as a loss leader to pump up its CloudPlayer user-base.

The CloudPlayer was introduced back in March without the support of record labels and works only as a digital music locker, rather than a full music purchasing, storage, and streaming service. With Apple rumored to unveil their label-supported iTunes iCloud service at next month's WWDC developer conference, Amazon is surely attempting to reel in more of a market share while it still has a chance. Have you tried the Amazon Cloud Drive and CloudPlayer service? Or, how about Google's Music Beta?

[via Mashable]

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