Intel set to build $4bn chip plant in Ireland, 14nm chips on the way

Jan 24, 2013

Intel is looking to set its sights on 14nm chips soon, but the company needs a new manufacturing plant in order to make it happen. Luckily, after several months of waiting, the country of Ireland has finally given Intel the go-ahead to build a $4 billion chip plant that will be home to 14nm chips in just a couple of years.

The new plant will take approximately two years to build, and it will create 3,500 construction jobs, as well as 800 full-time jobs inside the plant once its complete. Intel CEO Paul Otellini confirmed in May of last year that Intel's Ireland plant is one of three plants that has been chosen to produce the company's next-generation 14nm chips. The other two plants will be Intel’s Oregon and Arizona facilities.

Intel taking the success from its 22nm process and will launch 14nm chips in just a couple of years. The company also aims to create 10nm, 7nm, and even 5nm chips beyond 2015. The new Ireland plant will have a total floor area of 2,635,200 square feet, and will operate alongside existing Intel infrastructure and buildings.

The new facility will include a three-story main fabrication plant with a floor area of 1,085,000 square feet. Other buildings include a facility that will house liquid chemicals and collect waste water, as well as a facility support building, a two-story boiler/chiller facility, a water treatment building, and emergency generation and electrical buildings housed with diesel generators.

[via Silicon Republic]

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