iMovie for iPhone 4 arrives in iTunes

Chris Davies - Jun 24, 2010
iMovie for iPhone 4 arrives in iTunes

No great surprise, given it'll only work with the freshly launched iPhone 4, but iMovie for iPhone has popped up in iTunes [iTunes link].  Priced at $4.99 in the US or £2.99 in the UK, the app allows for on-handset video editing, including clip trimming, themes - of which there are five preloaded - complete with transitions and titles, and the ability to add in background music and photos (along with Ken Burns panning).

Once you've hashed a clip together - complete with using multitouch gestures to pan through the timeline - you can export in a choice of three sizes and then upload to MobileMe or YouTube.  Expect a huge increase in YouTube content as new iPhone 4 owners get to grips with the app and mistakenly assume everybody wants to see a twelve minute montage of their cat while Bonnie Tyler wails appreciatively in the background.

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