HTC Mozart (aka Euro HTC Schubert) Windows Phone 7 handset leaks

Aug 12, 2010

HTC's upcoming Windows Phone 7 device has had another in-the-wild sighting, this time courtesy of ROM hacker Xmoo, though there's some confusion over what the prototype is actually called.  The Windows Phone 7 device looks just like the HTC Schubert spotted earlier in the week, but is labelled as the HTC Mozart.

That could be simple confusion over the names, or it could suggest different internal hardware, most likely alternative radios for different carriers.  HTC are believed to be preparing several WP7 devices for launch day, and Xmoo has confirmed that the Mozart is a GSM device intended for the European market.

Other details are unknown, but the smartphone doesn't have any HTC apps preloaded and the microUSB port is on the right side of the handset.  Xmoo also tips the HTC Spark as being basically the same device but with a smaller screen.

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