HTC Hero next-gen Android smartphone escapes

May 5, 2009

HTC's third Android device, the HTC Hero, has seemingly been snapped in the wild.  Previewed as part of HTC's 2009 smartphone leak back in January - then rocking an eye-wateringly vivid pink color scheme - the Hero seems to have adopted a more subdued casing for its public appearance; we're also noticing that, as the render suggested, HTC really have dropped the trackball.

That leaves the touchscreen for navigation, which will likely frustrate and please would-be buyers in equal measure.  The angled "chin" seen on the T-Mobile G1 and HTC Magic is still present (looking a little Photoshopped in image four, though that could be a side-effect of the poor lighting and low-resolution), but a welcome addition is the 3.5mm headphone jack on the top.

Unlike some of the handsets in their roadmap, HTC gave no launch carrier suggestion for the Hero.  Without a hardware QWERTY keyboard it doesn't look to be a replacement for the G1, and it's not as consumer-friendly as the Magic; it's also not mentioned in T-Mobile's leaked 2009 roadmap.

[via Android Community]

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