Google+ Invite Work-Around Active Now!

Jun 30, 2011

We're all really rather pumped up about the brand new program put out by Google to help everyone in the world be more social and have a great time sharing their interests and lives and whatnot with one another, this program called Google+ - I'm sure you've heard of it. I'm also pretty sure that you'd have heard about the fact that this program is still only open to those who've got invites to be a part of the program. Up until now these were only people who were specifically invited to be a part of the Beta by Google - now there's a way in for everyone!

Now we're not entirely sure that Google has approved of this "work-around" situation we've got here, nor are we sure how long it'll remain open, so you'd better get to it instantly! Reports are that it worked last night for a while, then wasn't active for several hours this morning, and is now active once more. The instructions for getting someone a brand spanking new working invite are thus, and must be executed by someone already in the program:

1) Add the person’s email to one of your circles

2) Share something with that circle, making sure you’ve checked the option to share via email to the person without Google+

3) That person receives an email with whatever you shared, and a big orange button prompting them to learn more about Google+

4) If they click it they will be prompted to join!

From there they'll be ready to enjoy all the sweet, sweet social networking that goes on inside Google+, including everything yours truly has outlined in the following post: A Google+ Guide from Top to Bottom. You can also check out a couple other Google+ articles by the names of the following:
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Get in and get taught!

[via Android Community]

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