Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory controller is most bizarre Wii peripheral yet

May 11, 2010

We've seen bizarre gaming controllers for the Wii before - the football-shaped Wiimote dock looked practically normal in comparison to the inflatable horse controller - but the Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory controller takes things to another level.  Basically replicating the arcade controls for the Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road II Legend machines the Wii game is based on, the most obvious (and unusual) part of the hardware is the great big sword hilt.

The hardware itself will apparently be made by Hori, so we can probably assume it'll be sturdy and well made.  As well as the sword there are two sizeable arcade buttons, and then all the usual peripheral controls from a Wii Nunchuck controller.

The design isn't finalised, but there's still some time to go until it arrives in Summer 2010.  All well and good, but considering we're told it'll have a price tag of around $140 you'll have to really, really love Dragon Quest.

[via Kotaku]

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