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GameStop PS3 Pre-Orders Sold Out

To no one's surprise (at least, I hope no one is surprised), the limited amount of GameStop/EB Games PlayStation 3 pre-order slots are already gone, with stores requiring you to pony up $100 in some form (trade-ins accepted as well as cash and credit) to reserve your spot in line. Most pre-orders were for the 60 GB PS3, but most stores will only have between 4 and 16 consoles available when the system launches in November. Like with the Xbox 360 launch, expect to see many of the pre-ordered consoles show up on eBay; also expect to pay upwards of $1,000 for some of these machines. Hopefully Sony can get some reinforcements over here as soon as possible, before people go nuts and start refinancing their home to pay for their new eBay purchase.

[via IGN]

Xbox 360s Hacked; Microsoft Cries Foul

In typical Microsoft fashion, their next-generation Xbox 360 console has been successfully modded to allow pirate discs to be played. Also in typical Microsoft fashion, they've managed to blow the whole mess out of proportion, claiming that the whole industry is at risk due to the actions of these, er, pirates. The mod, which overwrites the BIOS of the console's DVD drive with modifications, isn't the simplest modification in the world (it requires a fair amount of work along with a specific DVD burner), but apparently it's enough to have Microsoft worried. For their response, hit the jump!

GameStop/EB Games Taking PS3 Preorders Today?

Could it be? Yes, it appears that the time could finally be upon us. What time is that, you ask? Time to preorder your PS3, of course! According to a "leaked" email/memo posted by our friends over at Gizmodo, it appears that GameStop (and EB Games as well) will start taking PS3 preorders today. Also of note in memo is the fact that there won't be any online preorders for a while, and when they finally start this service up, it will be "bundle-only" (read: way too much money). To read the entire memo, hit the jump! Otherwise, get your preorder in before there aren't any left!

Wii Shuts Off in Sunlight?

In what could be some very, very bad news for Nintendo and millions of hopefully Wii buyers, a report has surfaced that the Wii's sensors are so sensitive that they will cause the console to shut down completely in the presence of sunlight. sensor bar to stop functioning correctly in the presence of sunlight. While it's unlikely that anyone is going to be crazy enough to keep their Wii in direct sunlight, the fact that a simple shift of the sunlight in a room could cause your Wii to stop working as intended might lead to a bunch of very angry Wii owners jumping ship elsewhere. Let's hope Nintendo gets back to us on this issue ASAP, so that we'll know if the new consoles require a dark, secluded room.

[via GamePro]

Nintendo Director Comments on Smash Bros. Brawl

For all you potential Wii customers out there, we've gotten a few new details on the latest entry in the Super Smash Bros. series, courtesy of Japan's Weekly Famitsu. According to Brawl's director, Masahiro Sakurai, the game is still on schedule for a 2007 release in Japan, and that it will be one of the few announced first-party Wii games that won't have the player use the Wiimote's motion-sensing features.

Sony Releasing PSP-PS3 Connectivity Info Soon

Alright, while it's not exactly what everyone's been waiting to hear about, at least Sony is throwing us a bone (of sorts), promising that they will reveal the details of their highly-anticipated PlayStation 3/PlayStation Portable connectivity "soon." While most have been waiting for quite some time to hear, Sony refused to release anything else now except that the PSP won't see a price cut this year. They will, apparently, see 100+ new releases from now until the end of the year. I guess Sony figures that the users that haven't ditched their PSPs yet might want some new stuff to play, but 100 titles by the end of the year? That figures out to roughly 8 releases every week until the end of the year, and I'd be very surprised if we saw that many.

[via GamePro]

Nintendo Ahead on Wii Production?

In stark contrast to Sony and their PlayStation 3 production woes, Nintendo seems to actually be very much ahead of their Wii production schedule, with over 2 million Wiis being produced last quarter. What's even more surprising is Nintendo's projected quantities by the end of 2006: all told, Nintendo expects to make another 7-9 million Wiis, making for a grand total of 11 million Wii consoles by the end of the year. Wow.

Immersion: Sony Could Add Rumble Affordably

Taking another swipe at courtroom adversary Sony, Immersion Corp, the guys that own controller rumbling technology and took Sony to court over it, has come out with another anti-Sony statement. Immersion's CEO, Vic Viegas, claims that Sony's SIXAXIS controller could have rumble technology added for a minimum of cost, meaning that Sony's "rumble would make SIXAXIS too expensive" claim is utter nonsense.

Japanese Get PSP Giga Pack Again…Sort Of

Just in time for the fall season, Sony has once again released their PlayStation Portable Giga Pack in Japan...almost. Now dubbed the Bonus Pack, it features almost everything that you remember from the Japanese Giga Pack: the PSP itself (in either white or black), a 1 GB Memory Stick Duo card, a carrying case, aUSB cable, a battery pack, and a stand. So why did I say almost? Well, if you're looking for the headphones, cleaning cloth, and remote control of the original, you're outta luck. On the upside, it should make the new Bonus Pack cheaper when it debuts on October 19th. Will we see this one Stateside? Hard to say, but maybe.

[via IGN]

Sony: Keeping SIXAXIS Rumble Would Be a “Disservice”

Yeah, you read that correctly, proving once again that every time you think Sony can't make themselves look any dumber, they prove you wrong. Case in point: Kaz Hirai, president of SCEA, recently commented on Sony's new "SIXAXIS" controller, which everyone has lamented due to a general lack of force-feedback technology. He stated that the decision to remove the rumble was a conscious decision, and that keeping the rumble feature would have been a "disservice" to their users. Keeping in mind that both the Wii and the Xbox 306 have force-feedback technology, this begs the obvious question: "Huh?"

Blizzard Announces WoW: Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition

For all you World of Warcraft fans out there (all 7 million+ of you guys), Blizzard has announced a collector's edition for the upcoming WoW expanison, Burning Crusade. Sporting a sleek, Lord of the Rings-style green moss exterior, the Collector's Edition will contain a behind-the-scenes DVD (read: programmers programming. Yay.), and exclusive pet for your character (called a Netherwelp), two packs for WoW's trading card game (complete with cards exclusive to the game), a soundtrack CD for Burning Crusade, and a mouse pad with a map of the Outland, a new area that will open up in the expansion. No comment on price or release dates yet, but keep your eyes open for new details.

[via IGN]

Valve Killing Off a Main HL2 Character

As hinted at in the Half-Life 2: Episode 2 trailer, Valve is apparently getting ready to kill off one of their main characters in the upcoming episode. According to Valve, the move to episodic content, like a television show, gives people a chance to become fond of characters and, in turn, allows developers to start taking bigger risks in each episode. Of course, with the episode not set to debut until next year, they haven't revealed as to who will die, but it's a safe bet to assume that it won't be Gordon won't get the axe.

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