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The Heat Me USB Heated Stirrer keeps coffee hot

Coffee is one of those things a great deal of us can't live without and there are few things more disgusting than when your hot coffee goes cold. I don't care if you do on occasion buy the Starbucks cold coffee, if it was meant to be hot your face shrivels with disgust the second you taste that cooling coffee.

The lo-tech Mowercycle

As a kid I used to beg my parents to just buy a mower that I didn't have to push around the yard. Yet if they had managed to pick up one of these, I think I'd have wished for the usual push mower back.

The DIY Electronic Birthday Cake

Birthday candles haven't changed a whole lot over the years. The biggest change was when the obnoxious candles that don't blow out were created. Well now Instructables has a new slightly more hi-tech version.

The TX54 Concept design is not for nail biters

Timex decided to team up with Core77 and hold a global design competition called 2154: the future of time design. Timex did so to celebrate 150 years of watch crafting.

The water-powered clock from Bedol

This isn't the first water-powered clock to be sold, but it is a lot more attractive than some I have seen. The other one I wrote up over a year ago not only was cheap, but looked it.

Logitech updates the PlayGear Pocket

The original PlayGear Pocket has been out for a while now. Long enough that those with the newer slimmer PSP have found ways to pad the original case so that it works with the new PSP.

The Belkin Sport Armband for the iPod Touch and iPhone

The Belkin Sport Armband for the iPod Touch and iPhone

There have been several styles of armbands, but this is the first one I've come across for the iPod Touch or the iPhone. The Belkin strap will keep it in place while out for your morning jog, or even a bit of fun on your Wii Fit.

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The Belkin Laptop Cooling Lounge

The Belkin Laptop Cooling Lounge

Many studies have popped up and said that for men, the heat from sitting your laptop directly on your lap could end up causing infertility.  Which means if you like lounging on the couch with your laptop, it might be time to consider getting a stand for it.

This new model from Belkin is wide enough to even hold the larger 17” laptops.  It also features an adjustable height, to get your laptop at a comfortable angle for you.

This isn't out just yet and they don't say when it will be, but it is listed as coming soon.  Once it is released it will be sold for $39.99.

[via everythingusb]

The Allume Retractable Light for versatile lighting

The Allume Retractable Light for versatile lighting

As I type this up, I am currently staring at the chandelier in my dining room. The rental company decided it hung a little too low. So instead of being thorough and making a nice clean job of shortening the wire they just hooked the chain it hangs from a little higher and let the excess chain and cord sort of hang there.

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HACKED! USB Drive from FRED Studios

Most of the time USB drives aren't all that interesting, but this one is at least, if nothing else, entertaining. It is also highly unlikely that anyone would thieve it from you either.

The extremely affordable Solar Backpack

Although we would all prefer to pick up an incredibly chic solar bag. One that manages to make the panel flow with the rest of the bag, however, budgets don't always allow for that.

Etsy seller featuring several gaming messenger bags

It's been a while since I've posted any gaming fashion straight from Etsy, so it is more than overdo. In case you've forgotten in the long months without any of these type accessories, I have a serious addiction to Etsy. My favorites list is about a mile long. Well now I have a new favorite product, and a seller as well.

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