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Bath thermometer concept is unnecessarily complicated

Just having a silly thermometer in the bathtub to make sure either you or your children don't get scalded isn't nearly cool enough. No, you need a silicon disk and a thermometer color guide instead. That way seems much better for gadget lovers.

The Zombie arcade machine

Here is yet another arcade machine, but this one sporting a theme that every geek can love. The arcade machine named The Zombie, unfortunately, doesn't make any promises to feature several classic zombie titles.

Super Nintendo modded into a handheld

One thing about gamers is that we can't resist getting a little sentimental when it comes to the classics. Well one modder managed to create a very nicely done Super Nintendo handheld and then once he made the first he made a second in black.

Diablo III designer comments on angry fan’s screenshots

Remember the angry fans that created a petition and then darkened several screenshots to their liking? Well one gaming blog managed to sit down with the lead designer of Diablo III, Jay Wilson. At which point they showed him the altered screenshots to get his thoughts on them.

More details on the new Doom

A few more details have been given about the upcoming Doom game, although I warn you now, they're just as vague as the original ones. They did confirm one major factor “There's going to be big guns, lots of blood and demons.”

Njoy’s G-Board Balance Board

It looks like the Balance Board is getting a new off-brand option to pick up. It does have a couple extra perks to go with it that the original Balance Board doesn't have. It was recently spotted on Amazon's UK site and says it will be released September 12th.

Achievement points coming to two more Blizzard games

It was recently announced that WoW would be receiving achievement points, well looks like it's not the only one. Along with it, Starcraft II and Diablo III will be joining the list.

Signed Balance Board hits eBay

There were stories floating around that one guy had managed to spot the Wii Fit Girl in a store then also got an autograph. Well he posted it on eBay to try to get some extra dough out of it.

Overly feminine line of DS accessories

These girly accessories for your DS look a bit like cosmetic cases. It actually also includes a screen cleaner that looks identical to a compact for your face powder. I do like that although the case is overly feminine, it isn't the usual bright pink.

Rumor: Nintendo may launch DS successor before end of the year

The analysts are at it again, analyzing and teasing us with the possibility of something coming. This time they're teasing us with thoughts of a successor for the DS coming before the end of the year. This rumor is brought to you by Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

The PS3 Xbox Controller mod

Back in April Ben Heck modded a PS3 controller to fit inside of an Xbox 360 one. Well now he's decided to flip that and cram an Xbox 360 controller inside of a PS3 one.

A few new details on Doom 4

John Carmack decided to say a few words on the upcoming Doom 4 at QuakeCon. Which thus far is just being called “the next Doom”. Couldn't they just give us the name of it already?

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