Angry Birds Rio To Get New Levels With Beach Volley Update

May 6, 2011

If you've already busted through all the levels of Angry Birds Rio and you're not planning on getting the recently announced Samsung Infuse 4G for that pre-loaded exclusive Angry Birds level, then you'll be glad to know an update is on its way. The update is called Beach Volley, bringing new levels as well as bringing the birds to the beach.

The makers of the whole Angry Birds empire, Rovio, has just unleashed a teaser video for the new update. The birds are as furious as ever despite the lovely location, and they're battling it out against evil monkeys.

For those who haven't quite completed all your Angry Birds levels, but would like to keep your progress should you switch devices, make sure to check out this how-to. The method is free and doesn't require you to root your Android devices. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the Beach Volley preview below.

[via PocketNow]

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