Zune HD suffers indignity of teardown

Sep 16, 2009
Zune HD suffers indignity of teardown

If seeing the outside of Microsoft's Zune HD wasn't good enough for you, then Rapid Repair have gone a few steps further and fully dismantled the touchscreen OLED PMP.  Their latest teardown delivers no great surprises - unlike the iPod touch 3G, there's no sign of a camera module nook, nor untapped WiFi potential - but the mediaplayer itself is deemed relatively straightforward (though warranty-breaking) to get inside should you need to attempt a DIY fix.

The PMP does, apparently, have a hidden message on the inside back cover, reading "For Our Princess" and said to be in memory of a member of the Zune HD development team who passed away during its creation.  For more on the Zune HD, check out our unboxing video and hands-on gallery.

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