Vizio VP505XVT 50-inch 1080p Plasma TV on sale, astounding performance

Nov 18, 2008

There are really only two reasons we'll hang around waiting for a gadget: either it's so impressive that it hurts, or it's a total bargain. Vizio's 50-inch VP505XVT plasma HDTV fell for the most part in the latter category, being a steal at just $1,499.99, but with at least half a foot in the door of the first category, thanks to the Silicon Optix REON HQV processing engine.  Announced back at CES 2008, the display is finally shipping and the first reviews look promising.

Playback Magazine give it ten out of ten for value, with SD and HD scores not far behind at eight a piece.  In fact they describe it as "set[ting] the standard for affordable plasma excellence", with the REON HQV engine producing deinterlacing and noise reduction on a par with not only sets two or three times the price, but outboard scalars and processors.

Best of all, that $1.5k price tag is down two hundred bucks on the original MRSP quoted at CES.  The Vizio VP505XVT is available now, either direct from the company website (although shipping is expensive) or likely from a wholesalers such as Costco soon.

[via Engadget HD]

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