Virgin Media wires Welsh village for fiber optic broadband using electric poles

Jul 27, 2010

Virgin Media has made a bold promise in the UK of offering 100Mbps broadband speeds to half the homes in the UK by the middle of 2011. To facilitate this goal Virgin Media has announced a new innovative fiber optic broadband network has been deployed to a Welsh village called Crumlin, Caerphilly.

The speedy broadband network was extended to the rural village after an agreement with Surf Telecoms, which is a power distribution service in the area. The people in the village will now get access to 50Mb speeds and the trial will start next month.

The fiber network was installed using the existing power poles in the area rather than having to try to bury the lines or run them in another manner. Along with broadband, the network Virgin Media has installed will also provide access to TV services. I wish someone would start offering faster speeds using new installation methods here in the broadband backwater that is the rural US.

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