TV-U1 TV tuner adds broadcast channels to Nuvola NP-1 4K streaming device

Dec 12, 2013

We've talked about streaming devices and set top boxes from Nuvola in the past. One of the products from the company that we have talked about is the Nuvola NP-H1. Nuvola also has another steaming media set top box called the Nuvola NP-1. This device is billed as the world's first 4K UltraHD media player.

Nuvola has unveiled a new accessory for the NP-1 set top box called the TV-U1. The new accessory adds a hybrid TV tuner to the mix allowing the media player to support broadcast TV channels. The tuner can automatically scale those broadcasts to 4K resolution.

The TV-U1 is about the size of a flash drive and connects to the Nuvola set top box USB port. The TV tuner can deliver free digital TV OTA ATSC signals and supports unencrypted digital cable Clear QAM channels as well. The TV-U1 is priced at $99.

An NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad core processor powers the NP-1 streaming media player. It has 2GB of RAM and the GPU inside has 72 cores for performance. The NP-1 streaming box is available now for $299 and includes ten free video rentals in 4K resolution, ten video games, and five multimedia apps.

SOURCE: Nuvola

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