Toshiba AC100 Ubuntu hack gets video demo; Official build could be in works

Oct 4, 2010

Friday's news that open-source tinkerers had managed to get Ubuntu 10.10 up and running on Toshiba's hitherto-Android AC100 smartbook raised a few eyebrows, but the usability of the hack was significantly scuppered by the fact it wouldn't load past the boot screen.  That's been ironed out over the weekend, and Carrypad now has video of the AC100 doing its Ubuntu thing.

Video demo after the cut

It's still not perfect - battery life is a mere 4hrs, primarily it seems because Ubuntu isn't giving any thought to ultraportable frugality, there's no sound, video, 3D graphics or webcam support, and it's prone to crashing - but considering the progress over just a weekend it's all impressive stuff.  Carrypad is also wondering if the same hack will work on the upcoming Toshiba Folio 100 slate.

So far this has all been the handiwork of a few dedicated third-parties, but it seems Toshiba has woken up and taken some interest itself.  The company has tasked "Mr. AC100" to look into an official Ubuntu port for the AC100 including drivers for graphics, sound, functions keys, and outputs like the HDMI port.  No promises at this stage, but it's all looking pretty hopeful.

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