Tony Hawk’s RIDE Sliding Into US Stores November 17th

Aug 10, 2009

Reports are coming in that the anticipated next installment of the Tony Hawk skateboarding series has been set for November 17 here in the States, which we're hoping means all three console-based variations will be hitting shelves on that day.

But the most important question is still the pricing.  We've heard through GameStop that the rig would cost $120, but that was slated for an October release date. Sure, things could have changed by then, but one inconsistency with another tends to make us think everything doesn't add up.

Other sites, like have the game listed at £99 / $168 with a release date of 20/11/2009, which would make sense for an international release following one on our shores.  And if this is the final European price, should we expect $169.99 out of our pockets by the time this slides into stores?


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