TiVo Premiere upgrade brings 500 GB to your living room

Mar 23, 2012

The folks at TiVo have brought on their most impressive set of packages yet with an expanded into model as well as updated models for Premiere XL and Premiere Elite. This update shows off TiVo's already impressive line of DVR capabilities with 75 hours of HD content, this bumping up this version of the entry-level line with 65% more recording space than its previous price proposition. What we're seeing here instead is 75 hours, 150 hours, and a whopping 300 hours of HD content from plans with TiVo.

This upgraded range also has reduced pricing with their bumped-up capacity range, this following closely with what we heard this morning as the plans leaked. TiVo Premiere, the entry level service, will be $14.99 per month with a one-year commitment, and $12.99 per month with multi-year agreements. This makes the service, as TiVo says "lower on a monthly basis than most cable offerings." Have a peek at the price scale for the rest of the versions:

• TiVo Premiere $149.99: Records two shows at once and up to 75 hours of HD content
• TiVo Premiere XL $249.99 (reduced $50): Records two shows at once and up to 150 hours of HD content
• TiVo Premiere Elite $399.99 (reduced $100): Records four shows at once and up to 300 hours of HD content

TiVo offers users access to such services as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, and Pandora, and is currently available across the USA. You can pick up TiVo from Best Buy or by heading to tivo.com to place an order. Get that TiVo, everyone, we're gonna get you that TiVo no matter what, buddy!

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