Viewpad 10 crashes tablet party with Atom N550 in tow

If you are into tablets that run Android at all you probably are aware of the Viewpad 10 from the first time we talked about it back in November 2010. The little tablet surfaced with an Atom N450 CPU and Android as the OS. If you like the style and idea of that tablet but found yourself wishing that it ran Windows and had more CPU oomph you will like the version that has now surfaced.

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Notion Ink Apps Ported to GTab

For those seeking an alternative custom ROM to boost speed and improve user interface of the Viewsonic GTab, there’s some good news. Developers over at XDA have successfully ported over a portion of Notion Ink ‘s Eden firmware.

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SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: January 20 2011

First, watch your ports! Turns out there's a way for people to hack the crap out of your computer just by attaching their Android to it. Next take a ride on the confirmation train with both T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G and Vibrant 4G, and take a peek at some possible specs on the Samsung’s Galaxy S2, too. Here on SlashGear take a peek at the lovely brand new Jawbone ERA in a high-res review. Next go ahead and take that big jump with Google Voice as they introduce mobile number porting. Remember when LoveFilm bought Amazon Europe's DVD rental service? Now Amazon is buying LoveFilm - how about that? Remember how big A likes to add features to their OS? It seems as though iPhone iOS 4.3 has multitouch gestures - oh and iPad 2? February 9, perhaps. All this and MORE on SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up.

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SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: January 19 2011

All you PC fans rejoice, Intel's announced plans for Intel Atom Windows 8 smartphones. Next decide with us whether or not AT&T's agreement with Apple being non-exclusive means that a T-Mobile iPhone is on the way. Have a sip of the ol' joe thanks to your mobile phone as Starbucks now takes payments from mobile phones all across these United States. Then if you've got a Verizon phone that ISNT an iPhone 4 but were hesitant to switch, the company now has a deal that's basically saying come on, pleeease? We'll give you 200 bucks! Or perhaps you'd like to take a look at the numbers, the numbers that suggest Android users are the most loyal of the bunch? Finally, take a peek at the invite publishers have been snuck to a Samsung event that promises a Galaxy S replacement. All this and MORE on SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up!

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SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: January 18 2011

Hoax! Samsung Vibrant 4G Android phone for T-Mobile with Android 2.3 turns out to be Totally Faked! Then no fake! We're having a heated debate on the effects of Consumer Reports hating on Verizon's iPhone 4 - Good News for Android? See then another object ripe for debate: Intel IPAD - pre-dating the iPad by nine years! Then a product that's making people get sick in a different way: Reports of 3DS users feeling ill surface after 3DS showcase in Japan. On the other side of the spectrum, Microsoft speaks with ChevronWP7 team, making them feel mighty healthy for their hacking of Windows Phone 7! Finally, take a peek at a couple reviews you may have missed last night - one for MacBook Air 11-inch and iPod Touch GelaSkins, the other for a lovely orange Lenovo U260 IdeaPad Notebook!

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SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: January 17 2011

First, on the iPad 2 front, check out both a iPad 2 case pic and a Best Buy listing of three new iPad models “coming soon”. Find out why Ben Bajarin's Kinect is getting some action in a column by the name of Why My Kinect is Not Collecting Dust, and why Don Reisinger's streaming options just aren't happening in a column called Call Me When Streaming Matches Blu-ray. Then on Android Community, we're so pumped up about CyanogenMod 7 Nightlies being released, we did a CyanogenMod 7 Quadrant Benchmark on Nexus S! Then we find Sync Music in Android 3.0 Honeycomb, find out about the possibility of Notion Ink Adam' non-Matte and Scratch Resistant Surface, and a big change to the future if the claims of Samsung Update Fees are true. It's panning out to be an EXCITING DAY here on SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up!

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The Daily Slash: January 14, 2011

Epic war! But first lets speak for a moment about what Christina Burlini columns as the Best iOS Apps for Students. After that, let yourself dream of a cloud of music in a column by yours truly called Syncing and Streaming on Android Community. Then there's the war I promised you. The war to end all wars! Such important subject matter as to have never been trumped before or after - the people VS Samsung and T-Mobile over their Samsung Vibrant updates to Froyo -- The Class Action Lawsuit, the simpler way of protesting - The #NeverAgain Twitter Campaign, and the inevitable Samsung Response. After that, it's games, music, and more games on SlashGear - see if you can find the tags!

All this and MORE on The Daily Slash!

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SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: January 14 2011

Watch out for the law, it's gonna git ya! A fellow who believes he and his brothers and sisters united in Android have been wronged by T-Mobile and Samsung - and what to Americans do when we're wronged? File a class action lawsuit of course! On a different side of the world, the Android community is getting along a little better - see Japan build a human-sized android with an Android brain - and light-up eyes! Over on SlashGear we're popping popcorn with lasers, feelin pretty healthy hosting a game of Call of Duty on a medical server, and rocking relatively hard with the amount of music-related posts we've got up - see if you can spot em! All this and MORE on SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up! OH- and Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales says App Stores are the worst!

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