Spring Design Alex dual-display Android ebook reader: headed for B&N?

Remember the Barnes and Noble dual-display ebook reader spotted in concept form last week?  There's obviously something in the water, as Spring Design have just announced an ebook reader, the Alex, with both a 6-inch E Ink panel and a 3.5-inch color touchscreen, based on Google's Android platform and with integrated 3G and WiFi.

The touchscreen can be used to browse the web and grab clippings, which can then be viewed on the e-ink panel.  Spring Design have also developed what they call Link Notes, a hybrid of traditional ebooks, clippings, multimedia and user notes.  As for production possibilities, the company claim to be in discussion with "selected strategic partners" and "major content" providers, with a release expected by the end of 2009.

Storage is via SD card, and there's a headphones socket and full smartphone functionality.  Spring Design call the dual-display system Duet Navigator, and as well as being used to pull up related photos, news articles, media content and more, it will also aid in annotation and searches by offering an on-screen keyboard.

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