2011 BlackPad tablet using BlackBerry OS after RIM junk Android intentions?

After yesterday's whisperings of a RIM tablet for launch sometime in 2011, The Street is claiming that the touchscreen device is in fact the Canadian company's second approach to an iPad rival.  They quote Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, who believes RIM first planned to launch an Android based tablet later in 2010 but scrapped the device after "taking a second look at that product roadmap ... it has to compare favorably to the iPad."

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Quanta looks to iPhone style computer to spur growth

It's easy to see why manufacturers are rushing to launch devices that look and feel like the iPhone. The iPhone is massively popular and quickly became one of the top smartphones on the market globally with only a few carriers offering the device. Quanta has plans to maintain its growth and they involve an iPhone-like computer.

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MID development slashed as manufacturer interest wanes?

Many have accused Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) as being gadgets in dire search of a purpose, and despite Intel's push for the segment the talk out of Taipei is that the ultraportable touchscreen handhelds are having a difficult time finding traction among manufacturers.  DigiTimes is reporting that several companies originally signed up to Intel's Mobile Internet Device Innovation Alliance (MIDIA) have axed MID development, while those manufacturers who have actually shipped devices have only done so in numbers described as "very weak".

HP 11.6-inch CULV ultrathin and 10.1-inch netbook refresh promised in 2H09

Earlier this week word slipped out from Acer and ASUS that N-series netbooks were on hold until the launch of Pine Trail in early 2010, with the two companies focusing on CULV "ultrathins" instead.  Now it seems that they'll have significant competition from HP, who are believed to have commissioned a new 11.6-inch machine that will go into production next month, with production of a 10.1-inch netbook revision beginning in September.

Quanta Optical Touch works with Windows 7 multitouch gestures

Quanta has been demonstrating multitouch touch-sensitive displays using an optical recognition system rather than the more common capacitive or resistive panels.  The technology, which the company calls Optical Touch, relies on two cameras embedded into the top left and right corners of the display, which track the user's fingers.  It will be compatible with the multitouch functionality coming as standard in Windows 7.

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