Powerline Networking

Qualcomm has new MIMO and SISO Powerline range extenders

Just in time for Computex, chipmaker Qualcomm has announced a bunch of new products hailing from its Atheros subsidiary that broadens the chipmaker's portfolio beyond mobile devices and into the networking market. These include a new Wave 2 access point with support for Multi User MIMO (MU-MIMO) and 4x4 antenna configurations, new HomePlug AV2 range extenders that support MIMO and SISO, and a somewhat odd partnership with Allwinner Technologies that will see Qualcomm's chips inside Allwinner's tablet solutions, with the promises of bringing Qualcomm's 4G expertise into the mix.

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Linksys Powerline adapters debut; Wireless in pipeline

Linksys has outed a new line-up of HomePlug Powerline adapters, promising up to 200Mbps network connections passed over your regular home electricity wiring. Billed as ideal for consoles, streaming media adapters and the like, the new Linksys AV 1-Port (PLEK400) and AV 4-Port (PLSK400) offer one or four 10/100 sockets respectively, and will be joined by a wireless bridge later this quarter.

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Trendnet TPL-306E is a compact power line networking adapter

If you outlets around the home are anything like mine they are jammed full with all sorts of gadgets and home theater gear there may not be room for a big normal size power line networking adapter. I know I don’t have the space behind my entertainment system for a standard size one that blocks an outlet. Trendnet has a new compact power line adapter that might do the trick though.

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D-Link DHP-1320 Wireless-N router adds PowerLine 200Mbps

D-Link has unveiled its latest router, the DHP-1320, a combination Wireless-N and PowerLine 200Mbps hybrid. Packing three 10/100 ethernet ports, WiFi g/n wireless with WPA and WPA2 encryption, and up to 200Mbps data through your home or office electrical wiring, the D-Link DHP-1320 promises sufficient speed to stream HD video without having to worry what walls are in the way.

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Trendnet 3-port TPL-305E powerline networking adapter launches

Getting a decent connection to your home theater and AV gear in the living room can be a challenge for some of us. This is especially true if your modem is not near the entertainment center and your WiFi router lacks the muscle to get you a clear signal into the room. One of the only options for many in a case like this is powerline networking.

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Netgear NeoTV 550 HD network media player outed

Netgear has outed their latest HD-capable home media player, the Netgear NeoTV 550, together with a range of new HomePlug AV compliant Powerline adapters delivering up to (a theoretical) 500Mbps connection speeds.  The NeoTV 550 (NTV550) has HDMI, component and composite video outputs (together with analog and S/PDIF digital audio outputs) and can play local 1080p HD files on attached USB, eSATA or SD storage or stream from UPnP, DLNA or WMP11 network sources.  Meanwhile a second version, the NeoTV 350, swaps the eSATA for another USB port and has a more basic remote.

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Logitech Alert 750i & 750e network video security systems revealed [Video]

Logitech has been pushing their webcams' potential for home security for a while now, and with the new Logitech Alert cameras they've now got security-specific models to choose from.  The new Logitech Alert 750i and 750e Master Systems both record and stream 960 x 720 video, and can be motion-triggered as well as monitored via a web interface, smartphone app (for iPhone, BlackBerry or Android) and eventually via Google TV.

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