Polymer Vision

Wistron folding e-paper device coming 2010

Now that Polymer Vision's new owner - Wistron - has been confirmed, it's time for some speculation about what they might have up their sleeve with the folding e-paper technology.  Wistron's Brian Chong, chief of product planning, has confirmed that the company intends to release a 5- to 6-inch device using Polymer Vision tech in 2010.  From the sound of it, it's very much alike the prototype device Polymer Vision themselves were showing round before their sale.

Wistron confirmed as Polymer Vision buyer: foldable e-paper in development

The unnamed Asian company which acquired ailing foldable e-paper startup Polymer Vision has been outed as Wistron.  Polymer Vision declared bankruptcy back in July, and were acquired in early September; the deal is now known to have been worth €12m ($17.75m).  Integration of the two companies actually began taking place last month, but right now it's still unclear whether the Polymer Vision brand will be maintained.

Polymer Vision seek funding to bring Readius to market

From a concept unlikely to ever launch, to a product we should've seen on the market already: Polymer Vision's Readius was promised for fall of 2008, but months later there's no sign of the innovative folding e-paper device.  According to CEO Karl McGoldrick, that's because the company needs more money; he's currently in talks with investors to refinance both the first Readius device and the in-development Readius 2.