DROID Ultra Review

Motorola Mobility scored big when they teamed up with Google. If it wasn't evident enough in the Moto X, then certainly Motorola's newly optimized experience is ready to shine in the DROID Ultra, the first of three devices coming from Verizon in their newest exclusive brand lineup. If the DROID RAZR HD took the original DROID RAZR to a place where it was more than ready to be that single unique member of the Android universe that was both top-tier for display and processor quality as well as fully rugged enough to make up for the comparative lack of hype the line received, the DROID Ultra succeeds in replacing the RAZR line in more ways than one.

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Verizon event July 23rd: DROID reboot on tap

It's time again for Verizon to bring the re-up - an event has been scheduled for the 23rd of July, 2013 likely set for a set of new DROID devices. What we've seen in leaks thus far suggests updates to the Motorola DROID RAZR HD, RAZR HD MAXX, and RAZR M devices, each of them coming in with a bit less "RAZR" to their name and a bit more on the DROID side - brand-wise.

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Larry Page talks Google’s fragile influence on Motorola

This past year Google decidedly purchased Motorola not only for their extensive patent portfolio, but their track record in the mobile industry - and this week Google's CEO Larry Page has given more insight as to what hardware will be influenced due to this next-generation team-up. In an interview with Wired, Page made it clear that even though Google's plan for Motorola continues to be "running it independently", the company's new head Dennis Woodside (placed there by Google) wants to be "disruptive" in its hardware designs. While the conversation began on Google's purchase of Motorola for its patents, Page immediately turned it over to how they'll be seeing the company take on a leading role in the near future.

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Motorola DROID RAZR M HD leaked with details

A few details have been leaked by an anonymous tipster as to what the next-generation DROID RAZR M will be, building on the greatness of the already fabulous palm-sized beast. We had our first look at the original DROID RAZR M earlier this year in NYC, the reveal event also playing host to one of the first public showings of a newly minted Google-owned Motorola, complete with Google-minded software choices for Android - like on-screen buttons, for example. Here we're seeing the logical next step for the DROID RAZR M with an "HD" name addition, but the specifications we're seeing aren't quite as solid as we'd hope - not logically, that is.

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DROID RAZR M grabs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update

True to their word, Motorola has indeed updated the DROID RAZR M for Verizon Wireless to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean here in November of 2012. This update represents a large stride for Verizon as well as Motorola and also brings on another reason why them being acquired by Google was a great, great thing for all parties involved. This update takes the place of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and makes Google Now, Voice Search, and an updated camera interface a reality for the most awesome little HD display-toting device Motorola has ever produced.

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Motorola RAZR HD Canada launch tips Verizon release

After numerous rumors and leaks throughout August, Motorola finally announced and unveiled its new DROID RAZR lineup last month, which included the new DROID RAZR HD. However, they were a little shy on some details -- mainly availability and pricing. However, Canadian wireless carrier Rogers just announced the device for use on their network, which means we may see the device jump over the border shortly.

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