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Cellphone Microscope could ID diseased samples in developing world

Cellphone Microscope could ID diseased samples in developing world

A team of US scientists have developed a prototype portable microscope that would allow a cellphone camera to help diagnose potentially fatal diseases in blood and sputum samples.  The University of California team strapped a DIY microscope to a 3.2-megapixel Nokia N73, using cheap off-the-shelf parts that can nonetheless make out objects 1.2 micrometers across; a red blood cell is usually 6-8 micrometers in width.

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Medicare to cover Palm Pistol ‘prescription handgun’?

Back in September we wrote about the Palm Pistol, a single-shot gun intended for those with limited manual dexterity.  Now comes word that, after some FDA pondering, the Palm Pistol has been designated a Class I Medical Device.  That means that doctors will eventually be able to prescribe the weapon to qualified patients, who will then be able to claim the cost back through private or Medicare health insurance.

Fujitsu ESPRIMO MA Mobile Medical Companion with 3G & RFID

Fujitsu ESPRIMO MA Mobile Medical Companion with 3G & RFID

Fujitsu have announced a mobile medical companion, the touchscreen ESPRIMO MA Tablet PC. Fanless, and capable of being entirely sterilized, the ESPRIMO MA has a 10.4-inch display, integrated UMTS 3G and WiFi n, together with barcode and RFID readers. It weighs 1.3kg and has a dual smart card reader for security.

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Microgrippers could be future of surgery

Microgrippers could be future of surgery

Scientific breakthroughs, especially those that pertain to the medical field never fail to amaze me. And this one is no different. Surgery might look a whole lot different in the future thanks to a tiny new technology called microgrippers.

Microgrippers could be swallowed by a patient and then would be activated by chemicals and magnets within the body. Incisions could become a thing of the past.

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Xtensor rehabilitates your hand

With the direction technology has gone we all use our hands a lot, be it for texting or typing. We may not use them for manual labor but we manage to injure ourselves anyway. Well Xtensor is here to help with those hand related injuries.

It will actually strengthen and rehabilitate your hand after you've been cracking away at that PSP for several hours. Making it so your hand encounters less stress from those injuries.

Stereo Mammograms detect cancer better

Mammograms are one thing that if you bring it up in a room full of women, you're bound to here a bit of grumbling. They are uncomfortable and apparently not always that accurate. Well now there is a new method in the works that is more accurate and one that is hopefully less painful.

DuoFertility soon to be released

For those of you that actually want offspring this little gadget has been released to the general public to purchase. Granted not for cheap, but it would be a useful device for those that are trying for a baby or two.

The Nose Mask Pit – a much more attractive way to fight allergies

I am one that my allergies won't kill me or cause me to go on medication to treat them, however, when I'm exposed to certain environments I can end up with a sinus infection for a week. My biggest issue is if I want to listen to a local band, smoky bars are a nightmare for me.

RESPeRATE helps you lower your blood pressure

Essentially this device hooks up to you (probably around your chest) and monitors your breath. Then, if you are breathing faster than 10 breaths per minute (the therapeutic zone) it creates a custom melody that will help you slow your breathing rate.

NDrive G400 is the first nav system with a breathalyzer built in

I’ve always wondered how many drunk driving accidents could have been stopped if people really knew how drunk they were, I guess with this nave system we’ll be one step closer. Sure, personal breathalyzers aren’t exactly new, but having one built into your directions home is.

Breathalyzer for disease, probably won’t result in a ticket if you’re infected

The scientists at NIST have come up with a new breathalyzer that could be used to detect if you have certain diseases. The long of it is calling it the “cavity-enhanced direct optical frequency comb spectroscopy” I like breathalyzer for disease better though.

23andMe Personal Genome Service

So this company sends you a kit, and you send it back with some saliva (drool) and a thousand dollars and they’ll genotype your ass. You they check about 600,000 data points in your DNA and can inform you of bad things to come, such as inherited defects, a predisposition to certain health conditions, things of that nature.

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