iPhone OS 4.0

iPhone OS 4.0 Has Three Variations Floating Around

So, Apple is announcing iPhone OS 4.0 come this Thursday (stay tuned, because we'll be there live blogging the event), and by now the speculation about what, exactly, the software will do is fully ramped up. Sure, it's been going for awhile now, but with the announcement literally only days away, it's going to fly off the handle. (Of course, be sure to let us know what you think it will bring to the table.) And honestly, this won't help matters at all. Looks like there are some different variations of the iPhone OS 4.0 already moving around Cupertino.

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Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 Brings Full-On Solution for Multitasking

Whether or not you consider this three years in the making or not, this rumor has several thousand people out there breathing a large sigh of relief. One of the most highly regarded (missing) features on the iPhone, it seems that times are certainly changing, as Apple have gone ahead and included the feature into the new build of their Operating System. Oh, did we forget to mention? This is just a rumor.

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