Google+ won’t screw developers (unlike Facebook) claims Google VP

Google+ lead Vic Gundotra has defended his decision to postpone an API for the social network, sneaking in a quick slap at Facebook by saying Google is "actually respectful of developers who build on our platform." The delay in releasing a full Google+ API for third-party coders has prompted anger from some - Gundotra says that he was booed by the audience at SXSW when he said it was not ready - but the Senior VP argues that delivering one half-baked and "then later changing the rules of the game" isn't in anybody's best interests, citing recent criticisms of Facebook.

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TAT founder abandons RIM well before BlackBerry 10 unleashed [UPDATE: RIM comments]

In a sign that's certainly not good for the upcoming software release, the founder of the developer group behind the user interface improvements that'll be found on BlackBerry 10 has left RIM. Hampus Jakobsson has made his exit from the company with little more than a tweet this week, noting that he leaves BlackBerry 10 in the capable hands of TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) and RIM. At the moment it seems that Jakobsson will pursue other projects in the startup realm of software.

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Leap Motion sees 26,000-strong developer interest: Ships February 2013

Leap Motion, the startup looking to bring motion-tracking 200x more accurate than Kinect to desktop and mobile, has revealed the gush of developer interest in the gadget, with early units expected to ship within months. Over 26,000 curious developers have applied for free Leap Motion units by last week, the company says, with prospective applications including gaming, robotics, and CAD software. "We've already seen developers propose exciting applications for the Leap that we hadn't even imagined" CEO Michael Buckwald said of the process.

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Xbox 720 Durango dev kit sale gives early taste of next-gen console

A Microsoft Durango developer kit reportedly emerged on a developper forum over the weekend, commanding a sale price of $10,000. The kit, which is said to feature an Intel CPU, NVIDIA GPU, and “more than 8GB of memory”, is used for Xbox 720 development. The fact that the kit looked like a plain black PC tower running a regular debug launcher led many to believe it was nothing more than a hoax, but Digital Foundry decided to reach out to several sources and developers, discovering that the kit was in fact the real deal.

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Microsoft BUILD 2012 puts developer focus on Windows 8 and WP8

Microsoft has announced the dates for BUILD 2012, its next big developer conference, held at the Microsoft campus the week after Windows 8 goes on sale. Kicking off October 30 and running until November 2, BUILD 2012 will focus not only on the new desktop platform - and its ARM-focused Windows RT counterpart - but cover Windows Phone 8, Windows Azure, Server2012, and Visual Studio 2012, among other things.

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Is Microsoft’s Windows $0.99 app omission madness, money or moral?

When you're trying to kick-start your tablet platform, apps are everything, so why has Microsoft decided to opt out of the most common price point in recent years: the $0.99 app? Confirmation this weekend that Windows 8 and Windows RT users would be offered paid apps as well as free (unsurprising) and that developers would be able to price their wares from $1.49 to $999.99 (surprising) is a distinct departure from Apple and Google's strategy. According to the stereotypes, iOS users love paying for apps while Android users only download free ones (or steal them until the apps are made free out of exasperation), but what do Windows tablet owners do?

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BlackBerry 10 Gold SDK in November: RIM promises feature progress transparency

RIM has shared its BlackBerry 10 roadmap, confirming that the Gold SDK - the final version of the tools developers need to create apps for the platform - expected in November. According to the roadmap, the latest R6 SDK beta is up for download today, including a software update for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha smartphone to add the BlackBerry App World storefront app and thus allow developers to share their apps with other Dev Alpha owners.

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Google Glass grabs developer outreach chief from Gmail

Google's Glass wearable division has poached itself a new Community Manager, with former Gmail community lead Sarah Price jumping from email to augmented reality. Price's new role, confirmed on Google+, will see her engage with bleeding-edge Glass developers, who stand to get their hands on the first Explorer Edition in early 2013, as Google attempts to encourage coders to come up with apps suitable for a wearable display.

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Remember when Facebook acquired last month? reported at the time that it planned to continue to support its developer community. I think most of those developers suspected that wasn't an accurate statement when it was made, and that inaccuracy has now been confirmed.

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