Canon announces new HD camcorder with built-in HDD

If you're looking for a good HD camcorder, you might want to check out this new one from Canon. It's not their first HD camcorder, but it does have great new features not found in the older models.

Samsung shows off SC-HMX10 and SC-MX10 camcorders

The SC-DX10 wasn't the only cool new camcorder that Samsung was showing off yesterday. They also showed off a couple of other new camcorders, one aimed at the enthusiasts that need hi-def video, the other is looking towards the YouTube crowd.

SC-DX10 – Samsung shows off their new Hybrid Camcorder at their Holiday in July show

Samsung was showing off a lot of cool stuff at their Holiday in July show yesterday. One cool new product was their new Hybrid Camcorder.

The new SC-DX10 Hybrid Camcorder has 4GB of built-in flash memory which allows you to quickly capture video. The 2.7-inch LCD touch screen makes adjusting the controls a piece of cake, and the swivel hand-grip is easily adjusted for the best possible shooting.

Sony set to release first HD Video Walkman in Europe

Sony Europe is set to release their newest addition to their Video Walkman line. What does this one have that the others don't? HD.

Everio HD3 Camcorder from JVC impresses with 60GB hard drive

Capturing video in HD isn't just for the pro's anymore, more and more manufacturers are introducing affordable HD camcorders into the market. Take the new HD3 from JVC.

Sony NSC-GC1 Net-sharing CAM – Good idea, bad execution

I'm sure that not many days go by that you don't find yourself watching some crazy video on YouTube. People just love to post the strangest crap on there, and millions of people watch it. So naturally when you have something as big as YouTube, there will always be some large company trying to make a quick buck off of it. Yes Sony, I'm talking to you.

Wearable webcam records great chunks of your daily life

Here's an odd one.  As far as I can tell, this "TravelCAM" from Vasstek is a 1.3-megapixel battery-powered camcorder that records direct to flash memory.  They seem to be positioning it as a way to record your daily journey through life - whether that be in the car, walking round the block or pottering about at home - with up to 20hrs capacity at 1280 x 1024 resolution.


Samsung’s VM-X300: Solid-state sports camcorder

Next time I'm para-gliding into a tiger cage in the name of "extreme sports" I'll make sure to carry Samsung's VM-X300 camcorder, which can record 720 x 480 progressive resolution clips straight onto SD/MMC flash memory.  Ready to record just three seconds after powering up the 150g, palm-sized recorder also boasts a 10x optical zoom and EIS anti-shake.


Aiptek announces sub-$300 HD camcorder

Do you love shooting video? I know plenty of people that love to walk around with a camcorder in their hands for no apparent reason. I tend to avoid those people as often as I can. But for those enthusiasts out there that want to get the most bang for their buck, you might want to check out Aiptek's new GO-HD.

New Canon camcorder records full 1080i to DVDs

It looks like Canon has something in store for everyone today. First two new still cameras, now their first AVCHD camcorder that records in full 1080i.

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